*New*  Tuesday running class is starting from 13th May 2014 in Churchtown Village.  For more information, please click here.

Monday and Thursday sessions entail running, i.e speed, aerobic/anaerobic conditioning/training and weight loss/maintenance etc. for runners as well as for non-runners, from beginners to advance level. We often run time-trial/races runs 3 or 4 weeks during our Monday or Thursday sessions, which gives runners the opportunity to train smarter from any short distance to marathon. Park runs have also been an integral part of our training as we encourage our runners to take part in park runs to improve their fitness level.

Drop-in for either Monday or Thursday evening is €5 or €24 for 6 sessions paid in full.  You can pay by cash, or through credit cards and bank transfer via link below.

Payment for either Monday or Thursday and for both days, please click here.

As this is a group class and mainly focused on the training which may not meet the criteria of one-2-one sessions, so if you are looking something beyond this training, We can help in the following areas:

- Short, middle and long distance running
- Half and Full Marathon Training
- Running Mechanics and Techniques
- Individual Logs & Programs
- Setting goals for beginners to advanced level runners
- Stress Relief through Running
- Preparation of Core Training
- Developing Endurance, Strength and Speed for specific goals
- Heart Rate Monitoring
- Stretching & Relaxation
- Shoes and Apparels

Click here for one to one personal training running sessions