Outdoor & Indoor Boot Camps, Small Group Personal Training, Home Personal Training, Corporate Fitness Training, Running & Fitness Classes in Dublin

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Our high profile personal trainers will guide you through various types of exercises for endurance, strength, explosiveness, flexibility, mobility and agility in a safe and most beneficial way. You will learn simple and effective ways to tone up and lose weight.  You will be able to apply most of these tips immediately.

You learn how to boost your metabolism in different ways to burn that often stubborn body fat to get a toned, slim and lean body.  This can be done through our fitness boot camps in South Dublin.

Look at "being fit, toned and healthy as a journey" where you experience different things as you go along, you will progress, you might have set backs, but as long as you keep your goal in mind and put in regular and continuous time and effort you are going to succeed no matter what.

Indoor Boot Camps

Outdoor Boot Camps (SGPT - Small Group Personal Training)
SGPT is ideal for clients who may not want or be able to afford one-to-one (Personal) training, yet enjoy group motivation and want results