After over a year avoiding any kind of consistent exercise, I knew help was required to get back into running. Working with Irfan was the best fitness related decision I made this year - in less than 8 weeks I was half-marathon-ready! Our weekly sessions gave me the motivation and focus and structured approach to training that I needed. In addition to a weekly program to follow, in between meetings Irfan was ‘on-call’ to check progress and provide a steady stream of encouragement. Overall a big success and I look forward to working with Irfan again in the near future.

Jennifer Daly

I was working hard on my runs and my abs/hips but wasn't getting anywhere. I took 6 supervised sessions with Irfan Qureshi (Dynamic Fitness Personal Trainer) which made the huge difference of 45 seconds per mile for 5 mile race and I lost 2 inches from hips and now on my way to a flat ab. I would recommend anyone who wants to work faster and smarter on their fitness, must have a few sessions with this Personal Trainer

"Susan McSweeney"

During my injury, I really needed the guidance that at least I could keep my aerobic fitness and if possible and some strength. Irfan Qureshi (Personal Trainer) was amazing not only in helping me to keep my 75% fitness during my injury and recovery period, he also showed me very simple ways to keep myself going without worrying much about starting hard workouts after recovery. When I started my workouts after recovery, I felt that I was never injured

"Michael Johnston"

I'm a professional sports person and some of the fitness requirements were the criteria to keep my current position or else I would loose. Irfan Qureshi (Personal Trainer) really did the magic and helped me in more than 8 sessions but the results were amazing. I couldn't believe that I didn't only regain my form but was performing 200%. I wish this great Trainer all the best for his future.

"Keith Miller"